Our first-year students are divided to be 3 groups( a group of 3) to complete projects on the subject of Fundamentals of Programming. The team uses 3 devices as the primary platform for all projects. Let’s see what they’ve done!

FIXIEDDRONE: This drone can fixed traffic problem by using drone to make a sign and let drone fly on the top of cars that are broken to tell other cars to move to another lane and then they have an application to tell that this way have an accident then users can move to another way to decrease traffic jam problem.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEQC3EJ9Aw0

Scout Ollie: Scout Ollie is the robot that was developed by Ollie. Its properties are small and fast. When the Ollie moves, it will be rotatable. We add a small camera on top of it to help us access the area where the human cannot access like ceilings. If we use this project, we can know what is going on at confined space and can go or call someone to come fix it.


Echo Drone: When we go travel, when the tourists play around the sea, if the guide wants to regroup, maybe the voice can not be sent to tourists. Because the distance is very far and too many tourists. They may go many places. The guide is very difficult to regroup them, it may make the guide very tired. So that is why we use this project to solve this problem.