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Young Innovator Scholarship Program

Scholarships for the program are available for our exceptional students. New applicants who would like to be considered for scholarships should indicate so on their application.

There are 2 types of scholarships available. The scholarship will be granted annually in the form of tuition fee waiver only, no payment will be made to the students. Scholarship students graduated from the program can pursue their own careers without any obligation. Note that the following guidelines are just the minimum requirement. The application score will be considered from various factors, including but not limited to the students’ achievements, leadership, service and community contribution and academic performance.

  • Type 1: 100% tuition fee waiver (Full Scholarship: 300,000 Baht per year)
  • Type 2: 50% tuition fee waiver (Half Scholarship: 150,000 Baht per year)

Minimum academic requirement: Scholarship recipients must maintain a cumulative GPA (GPAX) of 3.5 in order to be eligible for tuition fee waiver in the next semester. If the student has GPAX lower than 3.5, he/she will not be eligible for tuition fee waiver for the next semester.

In addition to the minimum academic requirement, existing scholarship recipients must re-apply for the scholarship and present their past performance in the annual scholarship review date to be considered for next year’s eligibility.

The following terms and conditions apply to both types of scholarships

  • The student must pursue B.Eng. in Computer Innovation Engineering program at KMITL.
  • Transferring to another program or receiving any suspension notice will result in scholarship termination.
  • The maximum duration of the scholarship is 4 years (8 regular semesters).
  • The student must enroll for at least 15 credits when the semester completes (except for their 4th year of study)
  • The student must abide by the university’s rules and regulations.
  • The student must be available to assist in the program’s activities or assigned duties.
  • The student must participate in external events or designated competitions requested by the program.
  • The student must uphold academic integrity and professional ethics. Any reported activities determined by the program committee as academic dishonesty, criminal, or lack of professional ethics will result in scholarship termination.
  • The scholarship will be granted in the form of tuition fee waiver (or appropriate refund) only, no cash or check payment will be made to the student.
  • Scholarship recipients whose the scholarship terms have been terminated by the following conditions do not have to pay back the scholarship back to KMITL:
    • Graduation from the program
    • Death
    • Determined as unfit to pursue the study due to serious mental condition, health condition, and/or disabilities. The conditions must be accompanied by a medical certificate.
  • Scholarship recipients whose the scholarship terms have been terminated by the following conditions must pay the waived tuition fee back to KMITL if scholarship recipients exhibited inappropriate behaviors and expelled from the institution.

Scholarship Application and Selection Process

  • Faculty of Engineering reserves the rights to determine scholarship recipients.
  • Availability: The number of available scholarships is about ten percent of the total number of students.
    • 5% of students will be eligible for Type 1 scholarships
    • 5% of students will be eligible for Type 2 scholarships
  • Criteria:
    • Academic Performance requirement
      • New students: achieve at least 75 percentile rank in academic qualification (GAT/PAT, SAT, ACT, other standardized tests; and the applicant’s school rank).
        • The students must specify that they would like to be considered for a scholarship in the application.
        • Scholarship recipients must deposit the full tuition to confirm their seats in the first semester. The faculty will refund the amount of waived tuition fee based on a type of scholarships after the recipients sign the scholarship contract.
      • Existing students: maintain accumulative GPA of at least 3.5 throughout the years
    • Leadership: The students must submit a 1,000-word essay describing their leadership qualities, their demonstrated experience in being a leader throughout the year. They may describe a leader who inspired them, what they learn from the leader and what qualities they want to develop. The students should describe their most meaningful leadership achievements. What inspires them to motivate, lead, achieve and serve others and reflect on qualities of leadership they want to develop.
    • Achievements: The students should submit an online portfolio indicating their national or international achievements which align with the program educational objectives while pursuing the degree program. This includes academic achievement/technical awards, accomplished activities, innovation, or entrepreneurship experience.
    • Service and Community Contribution: The students should submit a portfolio indicating their services and contribution to their community, including KMITL and beyond. We recommend the applicants to submit a nomination letter from community members.
  • Schedule:
    • For New and Current Students :
      • Now – August 18, 2018 – Scholarship applicants submit supporting documents for scholarship application
      • August 20, 2018 – Scholarship Interview, the student should prepare a 5-minute pitch to present their past achievements and eligibility for the scholarship
      • August 22, 2018 – Scholarship Announcement date

On-line application: Students need to submit online application.