Financial Aid

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Financial aid is available for students who require financial assistance to cover educational expenses and designed to provide your family with options to afford college. This financial assistance covers educational expenses including tuition fee. To be an eligible individual and qualify for financial aid, you must satisfy the conditions.

A.  Expected family contribution (EFC) = 35% of combined taxable income

I.     Parents/Legal Guardians must submit combined household personal taxable income

II.    CIE will support the tuition/EFC difference = 300,000 Baht minus EFC (up to 150,000 Baht) per academic year (e.g. Eligible household must have combined taxable income less than 850,000 Baht per year)

B.  Students eligibility

I.      Existing students must maintain QPA at least 3.25 (accumulated GPA)

II.     New students must pass the program admission process in order to be considered for financial aid

III.   Total financial aid pool are limited and will be provided by need basis (AY 2017-2018 financial aid pool = 150,000 baht)

IV.    Students must perform required works as suggested by the program committee