Third Round Direct Admission Interview Candidate Announcement

We are pleased to announce the second round of the direct admission online interview candidates for the Computer Innovation Engineering program. The interview will take place on Sunday, June 6, 2021. *The interview will be held on the Google Meet application. The applicants’ names are listed as follow:

No. Applicant ID Name
1 17609 Mr. Chalatsorn Tantiyamas
2 17641 Mr. Sila Ngamsangsiam
3 37631 Miss Chalita Thongborisut
4 37705 Mr. Wiwat Zhou
5 37726 Mr. Lapat Nakpaen
6 37814 Mr. Ahmad Sohail


  1. Online interview will be via Google Meet application. Applicants will get the invitation email to join the online interview meeting group on the interview date according to your interview time slot.
  2. Applicants must scan QR code to join Line OpenChat of the first program that applicants selected from the three options only. After joining in Line OpenChat, applicants must set your name as the registration ID/application ID
  3. Applicants must fill out your information in Google Form and confirm for the interview within Jun 2, 2021 (before 1 p.m.).
  4. To be eligible for the interview, applicants must standby to register and verify in Line OpenChat on the interview date.
  5.  Applicants must dress appropriately in formal clothes or student uniforms.
  6. Applicants must turn on the camera during the interview process.
  7.  The exact timeslot of the interview will be announced in the Line OpenChat after everyone joining the group.


  1.  Please prepare your identification documents, (unofficial) transcript, official score reports, recommendation letters and portfolios (if available). These documents should be presented to the interview committee during the interview by screen sharing.
  2.  For Computer Innovation Engineering applicants, please be prepared to participate in an active interview session during the scheduled time slot. Each student will be assessed on various qualities including individual’s interests, problem-solving, communication, creativity and other relevant skills pertaining to the study.
  3.  For further information, please contact SIIE office by phone at 099-496-1526, 097-079-4201 or by email at

Note that all applicants should read this document for more details.

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