COOPERATIVE EDUCATION feedback from CIE 4th year students part 1

At Ek-Chai Distribution System Co., Ltd ( Lotus’s )

4 Months ( August 2021 – November 2021 )


I was assigned the role within PMO ( Project Management Office ) team which at the moment Lotus’s is undergoing rebranding and transition from Tesco group in the UK to be listed under CP group in Thailand in the new name of Lotus’s instead of Tesco Lotus in the past. Within the contract, I got to see developments in each section of the company during the rebranding phase. I also took small part in some projects required during the transition period such new internal communication application called Lotus’s Connect helping Arm testing out different test cases regarding the application, manual translation for different projects to be used in different department such as invoices management and more. All of which provides me a wider understanding of how the organization works and their professional working environment within each functional teams.

On the other hand, for my personal assignment is to design project called Competency/Certificate Tracker and Training Recommendation System ( CT-TR ) which will be used as a centralized employee’s development tracker consisting of their certificates and their competencies (skill sets) and provide a proper course recommendation for users to enroll and study to develop those competencies. Of which the project itself has not been initialized yet. Procedures have to be sequentially completed ranging from different core structure such as database designs, user journey upon the system usage, use case diagrams to understand different use cases and most importantly, first user interface prototype for users to undergo usability testing to gather user feedback to further improve it according to the actual user preferences. Moreover, project planning for the next employee to be in responsible for the project after the contract completion and also 5 initial years budgeting which includes capital expenditure ( CAPEX – expenses that is planned to be used for a long-term over a period of time ) and operating expenses ( OPEX – the expenses required for the system to be able to operate day-to-day ) for system hosting and operation for the firm.

Lastly, I also am experiencing the company’s methodology of which is using Agile methodology by having daily stand-up meeting to keep track of each team member’s obstacles and progress upon different tasks under different projects each members are correspondingly in charge of. On the other hand, I also have a personal mentor who does not only mentor me upon the tasks, she also help me upon my mindset in my bad days. The methodology offers a very great socialization within each team, providing care, mentoring, experiences and solutions to different issues. The method itself gave me a really good experience while working within PMO team, full of new generations with one experienced yet up-to-date senior mentor. Moreover, each members truly respect each teammates’ work-life balance while anyone of the team member is unable to work due to any upcoming plans. Furthermore, each teammates don’t hesitate to help each other upon any issues at all.

All in all, the experiences here at Lotus’s is truly applicable in the computer field while also providing me an overview of how the actual company is working under a major transition which provides important and precious experiences along the way.

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