Singapore Academic Field Trip (Day-1)

Inside look at CIE’s journey to the top three universities in Singapore and Google Asia— Photos by CIE family

Day-1 (7 June 2017)

We arrived at TUM(Technical University of Munich), one of the world’s most prestigious universities (13 Nobel Prize winners). The TUM staffs gave us a brief history and information about engineering programs offering at the Singapore campus.

After a walking tour led by a TUM staff, we visited TUM CREATE. There were 3 amazingly cutting-edge projects carried out by TUM students: First, a prototype electric taxi having a superfast charging that is faster than that of a Tesla car; Second, a prototype 3-wheel electric mail-delivery scooter, which offers greater ride stability and load capacity than conventional two-wheelers; Third, an EV-motorcycle taxi that a passenger can sit in the front compartment.

Enjoy free time after the trip.

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