COOPERATIVE EDUCATION feedback from CIE 4th year students part 2

Nexter Digital | Challenging a Growing Digital World

At Nexter Living Co., Ltd. ( SCG )

2 Months ( June 2021 – July 2021 )

I was assigned and agreed on working on UI redesigning upon the company’s product which is a system used to manage a running clinic or a hospital known as VWELL Clinic Management System. The internship provides me an understanding upon how user interfaces could be design to maximize efficiency and reduce user’s cognitive load or in simpler terms, to reduce user’s required effort to understand how the system could be used. Some practical approaches developed during the contract are the UI design concepts namely Material Design and how to properly use a program called “Figma” to create and design up high fidelity user interface mock up. Those practical approaches is being widely used in the field of UI designs and UX designs which is widely seek by different organization who are undergoing their corporation’s rebranding to strengthen their branding and its corresponding products into the new era of technology and globalization.

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