CIE student’s projects

Our CIE 1st-year  and 2nd-year students made projects on the subjects of “Fundamental of programming” and ” Cyber-Physical System” there’re many interesting projects let’s see what they’ve done:

First-year students:

  • Utilizing Cozmo inside conference room:

     In the hopes of creating a safer and more secluded environment for the participants inside conference rooms, we have programmed and made several adjustments to Cozmo, a robot capable of performing many tasks. To achieve our goal, our group has programmed Cozmo to be able to patrol inside the conference room and recognize people’s faces. It is able to identify the people who are allowed to be in the conference room and the people who are not. While on watch in the conference room, if Cozmo spots an unapproved attendee, it will alert the people inside the conference room with a noise, which is to indicate that there is an intruder. Then, it will also send a message to the person in charge, a picture taken inside the conference room of the intruder.

  • The Sphero 2.0:

     The Sphero 2.0 can help you to find a stuff in the hard-to-reach areas by using camera and Sphero 2.0.

  • Fire detecting drone:

     Our Drone flies around an area where there’s fire. When the drone detects heat, it sends the GPS data and picture of the area to the server.

  • Ollie racing:

     A mobile application that use to control Sphero Ollie.

  • Manode:

     Manode is an automatic investigation drone that investigates your farm if there’s anything wrong with your crops or your animal. What we have to do is just input the total area of your field that you want to investigate and then the drone will fly to take a picture of that area and send feedback to our computer to compare the leaf to see if it’s healthy or not.

Second-year students:

  • Smart floor:

   SmartFloor is a floor that can detect force when someone fell to this floor and send an alert to your mobile phone via application so you can know and help them before it cost huge problem. Because now in Thailand we don’t have enough welfare for elderly. SmartFloor can detect force when someone falling down and send a command to the application on your mobile phone if that place is your home or private place. But if it’s a public place we will have an emergency sign in front of the place that used SmartFloor (Siren and light) and sends a command to the security room to tell them to come and help.

  • VR classroom

     To help people understand about our department using VR Classroom to recap environment while study in that department.

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