CIE student’s projects on Academic year 2019

First-year Students:

  • CCA( Cozmo Classroom Assistant )

Currently, we’re facing problems of students not attending the class and still got graded which is not fair for others who have responsibilities and attend the class so, we came up with an idea that combines the features of Cozmo and Xbox Kinect camera into creating “CCA” which will help assist the teachers in checking attendance. It will check attendance using face recognition technology.

  • 24hr-Care Cozmo

24hr-Care Cozmo is a Cozmo that Be able to Identify the type of medicine and Know what or how many meds to take and when to take it. 24hr-Care Cozmo be able to check whether you have to take that med or not (If yes, with the time countdown) and it only online when it’s time to alert or user preferred to play with.

  • Cozmo Project Find Time Slot

Cozmo Project Find Time Slot can be used to find the same free time period for a group of people who had registered into the system.

  • Cozmo Chatbot Companion

You can think about Cozmo as your little friend. He talks and plays with you; he tells you a joke when he thinks you look sad; he opens your favorite song; he tells you the weather forecast today, so you know what to wear in the morning; he sends message to an email for you when you are in a rush and don’t want to type message yourself; and he can do more as you become his friend.

  • Cozmo Finder

Second-year students:

  • Egg incubator

This egg incubator can benefit the owner who does the chicken farm and helps the owner more comfortable, so our group uses Arduino with Espino32 with camera module to control temperature, humidity by using sensor and control wind-flow by using a fan.

We set Temperature 36.5 °C– 37.5 °C, set humidity 55-65 and rotate eggs 2-5 times per day by using a servo motor. After day 19 we set the temperature to 36°C, humidity 65-75 and put eggs into the floor. After day 19 we do not need to rotate the egg. An egg will take up to 21-26 day.

The method in the software part is sending data from ESPINO32 to the database. Passing data from Arduino to ESP with TX and RX, stored it as humidity, temp, light, humidifier, position. ESPINO32 itself has a Wi-Fi module, so it can use a WIFI client to connect with the server through HTTP request (GET). Server side, there is a logic to accept the information and transfer it to a parameter and then insert it to the server.

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Third-year students

  • Smart Parking

My Parking project will help you find parking in the mall. Fix the problem, no parking or a long drive to find parking. More than that, My Parking has a car park reservation system that is suitable for people that looking for quick and convenient parking.

  • Maeban

Maeban is an application for a house owner who doesn’t have time to take care of their house. They can call housekeeper to take care of their house instead, and don’t worry about safety because we have a camera to monitor our housekeeper all the time when they are working.

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