CIE student’s projects( 2nd-Semester )

Our CIE 1st-year  and 2nd-year students made projects on the subjects of “Intelligent Device and Digital System”, ”Computer System” and “Information Network and Cyber Security” there’re many interesting projects let’s watch and enjoy the creativity and innovative ideas of this project from our CIE student :

First-year students:

  • Mortal Kombat Door Lock:

Mortal Kombat Door Lock: For our final project, we have put together a door lock that can be unlocked via RFID tag, passcode, fingerprint scanner and our mobile phone. Our mobile phone will also be alerted every time someone unlocks the door or attempts to unlock it. Similarly, an email message will be sent to the user’s email address to alert them that someone has unlocked/ tried to unlock the door.

  • Samorn SmartHome:

For Samorn SmartHome, we can control Turn on and off the light, electronic stuff by using home kit application. When the temperature is too hot Samorn can turn on the fan automatically. In part of security, Samorn can detect if someone is going on in the house, it will be alert us.

  • Soitech:

Transferring soil information of different areas (such as soil temperature and humidity) through RF signal to 1 Arduino which collects and displays the data on LCD and our website. Our website also gives suggestions and displays temperature and humidity graphs.

  • O’Protection:

O’Protection is a belt that reduces the damage when you fall and reduce the possibility for you to break your bone when you fall down. By the time you fall down, the gyro sensor will send a signal to trigger Servo motor to turn on the value then pump the Gas into the airbag

  • ATD48 SmartClassroom:

This gadget will help you to check attendance automatically by using RFID and display the name of the student and how many people come to the room on LCD, and we design it to very difficult to cheating by Laser sensor to check the student is really come to the room.

Second-year students:

  • Who’s Joker:

We want to create a game that you can play to delimited your time during free time and also we want to create a game that you can make a better relationship with your friends(getting closer with your friends) by taking short time in 1 game. Who’s Joker is a card game that you can play with your friends or other players via internet everywhere and every time in this game will require at least 4 players in 1 game. In this project, we mostly focused on system design, network design and security we need to create the server that can handle many users and also run game processes for every user.

Gameplay Design: We will give 25 cards in 1 game included 1 Joker card and 3 players will get 6 cards and 1 player will get 7 cards per games and 1 of them will get Joker card. All they need to do is pick 1 card from the player on the right-hand side. If you getting a pair of cards (same card) just take those 2 cards out of your hands and keep doing it until we got 1 person with Joker card is a loser. 

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  • Video live streaming P2P project:

The goal of this project is to deliver a live video streaming network protocol and make the video live streaming for communication. we present the core components of the video live streaming P2P project: NodeJs, Socket Io, WebRTC, JavaScript, HTML and we also add some features like chat box and overlay things over the live streaming video.

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