CIE second-year students’ Japan Field trip 2018 (Day 5)

Day 5

  •     In the morning, we went to the Shibaura Institute of Technology. We received a warm welcome from the president and the dean of Shibaura Institute of Technology. He was very kind to our students and our professors when we were having conversations with them. After that, we met a Thai student that is studying at Shibaura Institute of Technology and she gave us some advice on how to prepare for studying there and what we need to do to be one of the students at Shibaura Institute of Technology. Staffs there gave us a brief presentation of Shibaura Institute of Technology and a brief tour to see the environment around campus. We got to see how students are studying and living on the campus.
  •     In the afternoon we headed to 2 labs at Shibaura Institute of Technology. First one is the Intelligent Mechanical System Lab. The main project of this lab is a robot that can automatically adjust the position to take a photo. Another project that they are working on is about supporting the elders by reducing exertion when they are standing up.
  •     The second lab is Information System Engineering Laboratory, they showed us how to make use of the business information that many people said it’s useless. For example, Kawaii(Cute) feeling, they found that Kawaii feeling can be used to make customers more interested in the product and it’s very useful for the character in anime or cartoon company. Moreover, it has much information that we didn’t know before that it was useful until we visited there.
  •     This is the end of our second-year CIE students Japan Field trip 2018. We had a really great time in Japan. Thank you to all the staffs, students, professors that we met during the trip, and hope to see you again in the future.

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