CIE Arduino Workshop 2018

On July 21, 2018 the first workshop that is organized by CIE students will be held at HM building room 605. The purpose of this workshop is to provide basic knowledge of Arduino and also hands-on experiences such as coding and fixing. More importantly, it is for high school students to have fun and learn new things.

Morning events:

    Morning events: In the morning students learned basic structure and coding to get familiar with Arduino and how it works.

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Racing competition event:

    In this competition, they needed to use all the knowledges that they learned in the morning and made an Arduino toy car that can drive along the lines on the race track. The rule is whose car the fastest that reaches the goal is the winner.

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Result of the competition:

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    Last thing we want to say is thank you so much to all students who were coming to this workshop. We hope that you had fun and got some knowledges from this workshop. Hope to see all of you guys again as CIE students in the future.

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