2020 Second Round Direct Admission – Admission Decision Announcement

We are pleased to announce the second round direct admission decisions for Computer Innovation Engineering program.

No. Applicant ID Name
1 631017402 Mr. Thanakann Upadhayawong
2 631020999 Mr. Kittiphum Kraisit
3 631021072 Mr. Paul Hounnaklang
4 631021077 Mr. Worranipit Thanatavee
5 631021102 Mr. Natee Treesoonrat
6 631021113 Mr. Sittiporn Likanasudh
7 631021126 Mr. Panithan Kohkaew
8 631021171 Miss Warinya Lohapongpan
9 631021171 Mr. Kornchan Suwanwanichkul
10 631021175 Mr. Pongsatorn Kanjanasantisak

Please follow the instruction for accepted students who intend to enroll at KMITL:


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