Cyber Intelligence Lecture and Collaboration with Group-IB

King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) today signed an MOU with Group IB (, the leading Russia-based company dedicated to preventing and investigating high-tech crimes and online fraud, for cooperation in promoting best practice and training for workforce using Group IB’s technologies and services in order to raise public awareness and advance the state of cyber security to prepare for Thailand 4.0 policy and digital economic development. The cooperation is hoped to draw investment in research and development on cyber security and intelligence in the future.

Prior to the MOU signing ceremony, Mr. Dmitry Volkov, Co-founder and Head of Cyber Intelligence Department, Group-IB, also delivered a keynote speech on “Safeguarding Digital Economy with Cyber Intelligence” at KMITL. Prof. Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat, KMITL’s President, said KMITL was trusted by the government to take a leading role in developing Thailand’s IT capability to support the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy. KMITL therefore focused its efforts in two areas – promoting adoption of IT facilities among Thai enterprises and offering innovative IT and engineering solutions through education and people development.

“KMITL is internationally recognized for our expertise in engineering and technology,” said Prof. Dr. Suchatvee. “The cooperation with Group IB will equip us with more tools to encourage Thai enterprises to adopt and integrate IT in their operations. At the same time, the cooperation will encourage transfer of knowledge and bring world-class cyber intelligence and security solutions to Thailand while offering Thai IT personnel with training and skill upgrade opportunity. These all are very important in enabling the nation to become a digital economy and a regional hub in terms of economy, IT and skilled labor. We see this as a significant move to bring Thailand out of the middle-income trap. Should the cooperation successful, Group IB may consider investing in R&D center in Thailand.”

The cooperation follows Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak’s mission to Russia in February 2016. Mr.Ilya Sachkov, founder and CEO of Group-IB then visited KMITL and discussed about the collaboration with Prof. Dr. Suchatvee in April. Since then, KMITL has connected with Group IB and worked to establish this cooperation, leading to the MOU signing today (July 25, 2016). This marked the first cooperation between a Thai educational institute and a leading Russian company after the Deputy Prime Minister’s visit.

“Thailand, a driver in promoting top-notch technologies in the region, has always been a magnet for Group-IB. We are looking forward to establishing tight connections with Thai business community as well as government regulators and thus contribute to building a global safeshield against online fraud actors. Bot-Trek Intelligence by Group-IB, proven efficient by leading international companies, will help Thai banks keep pace with most complicated threats targeting financial institutions around the world,” said Mr. Sachkov.

Under this cooperation, KMITL will partner with Group IB on cyber security practices and related activities that will improve the state of cyber security and cyber intelligence, including training for workforce using Group IB’s technologies and services.

“In addition to nurture a young IT professional generation who will become the key force that drive national development in the future, this cooperation will open new opportunity for research and development in IT area, which directly corresponds to the government’s investment target. This also reflects KMITL’s capability in creating the right environment that attract world-class investment in IT industry which will enhance national competitiveness and ability to become the region’s IT hub in the future,” said Prof. Dr. Suchatvee.

Mr. Dmitry Volkov, Co-founder and Head of Cyber Intelligence Department, Group-IB said that the company was pleased to work with KMITL, which is a leading Thai education institute with great reputation in engineering, IT and innovation. He believed the cooperation would bring long-term benefits to Thailand and enabled Thailand to have good IT resources and to increase national competitiveness and capability to become a digital economy in the future.

During his visit, Mr.Volkov has also discussed with CIE students who are interested in startups and cyber intelligence. Dmitry co-founded Group-IB with Ilya in 2003 while they were still first-year undergraduate students at Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

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