Cybermacaron: Inspiring Thailand Computer Innovation

CIE program chair, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Pitikhate Sooraksa went on-air with Ms. Saisawan Kayanying on the Lightning Talk show, Channel 3 Family on March 15 to discuss about bringing new innovation to Thailand’s computer engineering industry. By integrating the Internet-of-things, the economy can reinvent itself and offer additional value. The Cybermacaron is an example of how one can easily integrate everyday technologies such as smartphone, QR-code and make traditional delicacies become much more exciting.

Dr.Pitikhate also introduced the Computer Innovation Engineering (CIE) by Faculty of Engineering, KMITL. He also discussed about CIE goals and its unique educational method of inspiring new digital generations to be innovative and to become engineers who build exciting invention with economic impact instead of just consuming technologies.

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