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This project was designed to create a travel experience for the elderly, who love to travel, but may not have enough energy or time to travel long distances, or have no friends or caretakers on the trips. We created “TRAVELER’S VR” as a virtual reality game, that simulates tourist attractions, especially temples. Main features of this project cover donation to the temple and fortune prediction by Esiimsi. Players can walk around the map to see the beautiful surroundings and architecture of the temple and go inside to participate in some activities in the game. They also can experience realistic donations by topping up money to the system. A payment system in the web application was the Omise payment gateway. After topping up money, a player can grab the coin and drop it to the donation box then the system will decrease the value of the coin 10 baht.


The purpose of this thesis is to provide tourism experiences for the elderly through VR technology. This project aimed to build the most realistic tourist attraction, which is the temple in this project, and activities in the temple. The developers chose the activities base on the questionnaire; The Traveling Behavior of the Elderly. All activities cover paying respect to buddha statues, donating, and Esiimsi for fortune-telling. The key objective is to make the elderly get the most comfortable and realistic experience from their own travel experiences at home.


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Project Proposal PresentationFinal PresentationGitHub RepositoryFinal Report

This GitHub repository included implanted code for unity of Traveler’s VR project.

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