ARNutrition Project

CIE Capstone Project, Academic Year 2020


ARNutrition is a mobile application in the platform as a service named AR Nutrition. This mobile application developed by used the Unity real-time development platform and Vuforia Engine. The AR Nutrition Application is an intermediary between consumers (healthy people) and shop owners. This project was created by study and explore the trends of the market both in Thailand and around the world. Based on the above statistics mentioned in previous chapters, the healthy trend is gaining a lot of attention among people aged 18 and over, which is considered a very wide customer base.


Presently in Thailand, customers are concerned more about their health and wellness. The report on health and wellness in Thailand found that consumers are becoming aware of the importance of health and wellness. For customers to stay healthy they choose to get healthier food or beverages instead of doing exercise and this trend has not changed for more than three years. Also, in this report said that high nutritional values become the number one of consumer’s choice factor for healthy food and beverages.


The purpose of this project is to study and explode problem of restaurants to displaying nutritional values on menus. To find pain points and customer insight to solve the problems or obstacles that prevent the idea. And developing a mobile application that meets the needs of restaurants and customers. The need of the restaurant is to capture a wider customer base by adding nutritional values on the menu so that, customers can make healthy food choices for their health and get more revenue. But it is opposed to some of the customers who just want to enjoy their food without thinking about its nutritional values so, they think that the idea will stop them from enjoying their food. This project is considering the issues of how to make people who want to know the nutritional value to see it on the menu without stop people who strongly disagree with the idea and want to enjoy their food. Also, this project is considering helping the restaurant owners display nutritional values with fewer problems and help them to add nutritional values of unlabeled food products.



Project Proposal PresentationFinal PresentationGitHub RepositoryFinal Report

This GitHub repository included implented code for front-end and back-end part of ARNutrition project.

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