Computer Innovation Engineering Capstone Projects

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The B.Eng. in Computer Innovation Engineering (CIE) program is a four-year full-time international undergraduate program. In order to graduate, the students must complete at least 140 credits and satisfy the graduation requirements given in the following section. The program is designed to drive innovations and entrepreneurship in computing and information technology-related areas. Each semester will include a project-based theme which helps students practice and design innovative solutions in the respective areas.

About Computer Innovation Engineering Capstone Design:

Students will work on open-ended engineering design and/or research that incorporates fundamental and advanced concepts in Computer Innovation Engineering. Students will learn to build innovation, identify the opportunities, propose ideas, design and implement innovative solutions while being able to apply standards and realistic engineering constraints.

Capstone Projects Academic Year 2021


CIEON Inventory Management System

CIEON Inventory Management System is a smart system incorporated to assist with inventory management systems by implementing a self-borrowing and a self-returning process. By gathering necessary data, such as item amount and status, the user who took the items, and the history of items and users, will help the owner to reduce the risk of missing and stolen items along with tracking users who took the items. The owner can follow the items and get more details about its status: borrow, return, lost, broken, and available.


Cyber Security Assessment Automated System

Security hygiene is important, especially within the finance industry, as user privacy is a major priority for financial services. To ensure the highest levels of cybersecurity, security tests must be carried out regularly. Under normal conditions, security testing is carried out by humans. As such, it is time-consuming, costly, and difficult to carry out on a regular and frequent basis. The aim of this project is to combat these problems using machines to run the process automatically, allowing assessment to be undertaken more frequently. The system developed, Cyber Security Assessment Automated System (CSAAS), can run security tests at all hours of the day, making use of a black-box network vulnerability assessment technique and various open-source tools (Hydra, DIRB, Nmap, SQLmap, Amass, Searchsploit, and XSSsniper). A broker company should provide the endpoints for running security tests.


TinyEpicBrains: VideoQR

VideoQR provides products advertised via video on a screen. The goal of this project was to provide an advertising experience to the product owner via a hidden QR code in the video, as well as develop user roles. We create user experiences that are tailored to the needs of our clients. The embedding feature, user login, user management, and enterprise management are all features of the VideoQR web application that enhance the performance of the web application.



Capstone Projects Academic Year 2020

ARNutritionTraveler's VRParkInIndoor Navigation Application


A mobile application in the platform as a service named AR Nutrition. This mobile application developed by used the Unity real-time development platform and Vuforia Engine. The AR Nutrition Application is an intermediary between consumers (healthy people) and shop owners. This project was created by study and explore the trends of the market both in Thailand and around the world. Based on the above statistics mentioned in previous chapters, the healthy trend is gaining a lot of attention among people aged 18 and over, which is considered a very wide customer base.


Traveler’s VR

A virtual reality game that simulates tourist attractions, especially temples. Main features of this project cover donation to the temple and fortune prediction by Esiimsi. Players can walk around the map to see the beautiful surroundings and architecture of the temple and go inside to do all activities in the game. They also can experience realistic donations in this project by top up the money to the system. The payment system is a web application that was developed by the Omise payment gateway. After topping up money, the player can grab the coin and drop it to the donation box then the system will decrease the value of the coin 10 baht.



A mobile application that helps users find the parking lot at the roadside easier. This application can search for parking lot that users want, make a reservation and make a payment with PayPal after they make a reservation, the price will be calculated by duration of the start reservation time and end time. Moreover, the user can see the history of the parking, categorise the time that the user wants to park which can be the date-from and date-to with the time duration. The application combines with parking meter showing the status of the parking lot.


Navigation Application for Indoor and Outdoor

Navigation app is a mobile application that can navigate user to the destination both indoor and outdoor place. Our application was developed to work on smartphones, and android systems specifically. The application can be categorized into 2 parts with respect to its system. The first part is navigating session ‘outdoor’ that we use Google API to assist navigation. The second part is navigating session ‘indoor’ as we use Bluetooth that is already inside the smartphone. The indoor navigation is designed with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors called ‘beacon’ connecting to smart phone application, the BLE is designed to provide low power consumption. ‘Beacon’ will be installed in various points, including the front area of the room, in the building. The application is able to detect the user’s position via the closest beacon. The system will recognize the user’s position and navigate to the destination.