CIEON Inventory Management System

Project Description


The goal of this research project is to develop a tool to reduce inventory management issues especially missing items by assisting companies with stock management, missing items, items and users’ summaries, and item tracking status. The CIEON Inventory Management System is an add-on solution that helps to increase product security. Using the CIEON Inventory Management System website’s functions to operate the lockers improves the system in terms of self-borrowing and self-returning. This project has two aspects: software and hardware. Log in, borrow, return, reservation, extend, broken, lost, and enter OTP are the eight main features of the software part. Student, teacher, and admin are the three users of this system: each with different limitations of website usage. Students get access to the eight main features as teachers, except the time constraint and object amount. Admins have four main functions: edit, view, add, and delete. The hardware part detects the items by using RFID readers and RFID tags. PHP, HTML, and JavaScript language were tools used to develop CIEON Inventory Management System website.


We cannot deny that the inventory management issue becomes one of the issues of numerous organizations that store valuable items. The tracking limitation system in organizations and missing items constitute a huge obstacle leading to the loss of cost in terms of replacing missing products. Some organizations waste expenses with ordering new items to replace the missing one, but sometimes they might find that particular item later. According to Gershon’s research in 2013 of 500 retail and service industry employees conducted by Kessler International, 95 percent of all businesses have encountered employee theft, and roughly 40 percent of employees have stolen from their employers. Employee Theft Statistics from the Statistic Brain Research Institute in 2018 found that 75% of employees admitted to stealing from their workplace at least once.

About Product

CIEON Inventory Management System is a smart system incorporated to assist with inventory management systems by implementing a self-borrowing and a self-returning process. By gathering necessary data, such as item amount and status, the user who took the items, and the history of items and users, will help the owner to reduce the risk of missing and stolen items along with tracking users who took the items. The owner can follow the items and get more details about its status: borrow, return, lost, broken, and available. With the data from CIEON Inventory Management System website, the owner can recognize the current stock in the amount of available item, lost item, and broken item with a primary sign then fix it before returning it to be used in the system again. The owner can also look up the history of users who carried out some kind of process with the items via the online website. The implementation of CIEON Inventory Management System will benefit both employees and employers by deployment at the CIEON Inventory Management System process on the system website.

Main Information

Group Member
Mr.Krittatee Thongsiriprapa Ms.Jilaporn Pukasemvarangkool Mr.Rapichat Sitthiworrant