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Welcome to Computer Innovation Engineering

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    The Computer Innovation Engineering Program (CIE) is the platform for academic advancement of the 21st century. By combining theoretical foundations with hands-on experience and project-based learning, the students will learn the computing skills required for today’s workforce. The program offers state-of-the-art knowledge in computing technologies; including Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Cyber-Physical System, Cyber Security and Data Analytics. Our engineering curriculum also deeply integrates with the study of innovation process to help students transform their explored ideas into startups that will drive our future.

    We embrace the 21st century learning environment to cultivate the students’ creativity, critical-thinking, communication and collaboration skills. Our students will be introduced to innovative mindsets, able to work with multidisciplinary teams and be leaders in their field. Our graduates will be lifelong learners who are aware of technical and societal issues. They will be able to create engineering innovations with economics impact and benefit our society.

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    We offer the level of education needed for entrepreneurs and technical leadership in a rapidly changing world. Our program allows students the freedom to explore their passion. Our curriculum emphasizes a broad foundation of both technical and communication skills, along with hands-on learning through technical and innovative projects.
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    CIE students will have a chance to learn not only from KMITL’s faculty members who graduated from leading universities, but also experts from global industries and visionary entrepreneurs. The students also have opportunities to expand their horizon by working abroad with faculty members at top universities such as Carnegie Mellon and NTU during summers. Our faculty members have also actively participated in the globally recognized research field of computer engineering and innovation. We also emphasize in the active-learning style where we coach you at your own learning speed and maximized your potential.
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    We are currently accepting new applications for First Round Direct Admission. Before submitting the application, you may have the following items ready:
    1. High-school transcript: The applicant is expected to receive their high-school diploma in 2017 before the beginning of the class.
    2. Standardized test (SAT or ACT or IB or IGCSE/A-Level, GAT/PAT)
    3. English language proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS or IB)
    4. Personal statement
    5. Letters of recommendation
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Our Mission

To provide high-quality and innovative engineering education with lifelong-learning opportunities for our community.

With CIE program, our students pursue their passion in an engaging learning environment that cultivates their creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills required to tackle challenges of the 21st century.